Body Shaping Detox


This is a POWERFUL 14 Day detox to reduce bloating, kickstart weight loss and boost energy levels. Elxr Co’s Body Shaping Detox is a kickstarter vegan supplement and a unique blend of natural herbs, pre-biotics and probiotics working together to help you feel your best!

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This is a POWERFUL 14 Day detox that gently and effectively detoxifies the gastrointestinal tract of harmful mucus, and other toxic buildup in the body. It also reduces bloating and improves overall health & regularity.  It binds toxins out of your body and increases excretion WITHOUT cramping or discomfort. Perfect to take to kickstart your system. For more information and FAQ visit

Signs You May Need This Detox

  1. Recent Use of Antibiotics
  2. Trouble Losing Weight
  3. Bloating that refuses to go away
  4. Acid reflux/GERD
  5. Constant Sugar and Sweets Cravings (EAT MORE FRUITS)
  6. Constipation
  7. A weak immune system (constantly getting sick or colds)
  8. Constant Digestive problems
  9. Chronic Inflammation
  10. Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy
  11. Mood Disorder/ Anxiety (Remember your gut (microbiome) is connected to your brain and weight.

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  1. Chrissy

    took this while quarantined and I lost 5lbs and i didn’t cramp at all

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